Lava of laughter

Keep the game you are playing now, is what Marjeta hears a lot from me. Today was the same story. Keep the game that is playing you, I would correct myself. I should have said: Let the game keep you while it is being played through you.

But how do you do it? How is it done that you surrender to the game that plays you? The eternal question. And a new game. How do you play the “how” game? With a new game that is “just do it” game and a game of “taking care”.

And there is came an eruption of laughter that spread throughout the room like lava. Marjeta was laughing like a child… like a mother to her child fooling around… like a woman that finds the whole effort (first in line is hers) rediculous… like an artist that finds each her artistic endeavour purposeless…

Still this would not stop me from continuing my artistic endeavour: Whatever happens to/in you, is part of a game. You are on stage and it is sacred place. So you do it on top of it from it. Whole body and whole being.

And there she was reporting to me wonderful discoverythat when she opens the shoulders, she opens the arms and feels the real stretch of arms for example, right from the spine to the tip of a fingers.

And we ask together: Is it possible to feel oneself not only through pain, but through proprioception?

And the answer is? Action (for those insensitive for movement, the answer spells: yes)